And so it begins…

For time:

800 meter Farmer’s walk, 1.5 pood

1 mile Run

30 Handstand push-ups

Post time and weight used to comments.


Mike Labog, leanin’ and pullin’.

With the weekend still fresh in our minds and bodies, the Games were a great reminder to ALL of us what is possible (relatively speaking) in terms of human potential, whether it’s fitness or other parts of our lives.

 And so it begins for athletes all over the globe….

athletes who didn’t make the cut this year have already started preparing for next year,  those who finished the Games will regroup and refocus for another year of training in hopes of being fitter than the last, and those of us that spectated in awe have a little more to be fired up for after watching these heroic feats of athleticism.  If you haven’t written anything up on the “Goals” board in a while, nows a great time.

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