Lets Get it On!

We will be running as an open gym all weekend.  Please read below and come prepared!

9-15-21-15-9 reps for time of:


Box Jump Overs, 20″

Good Mornings, 45lb bar

Scaling Suggestions:
-Reduce the reps to just 21-15-9
-Use a lower box or a stack of plates
-Use lighter bar for the Good Mornings, there is a 33#, 28#, 20# or 15# bar to choose from
Warm up Recommendation:
-3 minutes of fast single skip jump rope.  Focus on using your wrists, keeping your body tight and landing on the balls of your feet.

-Finish with 5 attempts for max double unders in a row
-then, 2 rounds of the following
-Sampson Stretch 15 seconds each leg
-10 Dislocates with PVC
-10 Overhead squats with PVC or light bar, try to increase the weight on your second round
-10 Plow to Pike rolls, try to touch your feet on the ground behind your head, focus on your back and hammys
-Run to the street, run backwards back to the gym
-After two rounds, practice the movements for the WOD and set up your area
Cool Down Recommendation:
-Plow, 60 seconds
-10 Wall Extensions
-Calf on the wall, 60 seconds each leg
-10 Dislocates

-Pidgeon, 60 seconds each cheek


Everybody is welcome!

Also, from the brilliant mind of Eddie “Bloodfart” Ifft, check out the newest CrossFit Games hopeful coming out of Paradiso CrossFit…

Jason Auer aka The Auer of Power, enjoy…



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