Back at the Start

Weighted push-up 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Pat Barber 190lbs, Laurie Galassi 90lbs

Watch two demos and ways to peform this WOD:  Santa Cruz wmv/mov and Montoya wmv/mov

This is our second release of the DROM video, there have been a few changes and it is narrated instead of having scrolling words at the bottom.  This is an important part of your warm up so take it seriously!  The entire series should take about 2-3 minutes with a focus on mobilizing the body in preparation for the upcoming workout.

The first CrossFit workout I ever tried was 4 rounds of Run 400 meters and 50 squats.  If you have never heard the story, I didn’t finish that workout.  I quit in the middle of my third round.  I remember my legs shaking afterwards when I tried to drive.

  I was sore for a week.  That was maybe 120 air squats about 6 years ago.  Yesterday, I performed 203 squats with 135lbs!  When I first saw the workout, it was serendipitous.  I had spent the day basking in my own glory with the fact that I had finished the Front Squat ladder, Barbara and the heavy overhead squat workout three days in a row and still felt good in the legs.

  I was saying things like: I’m going to make 135lbs my bitch and I want 135 to be like 95lbs used to be!  On my list of skills and workouts to improve upon I have written:  Improve running after squats and Improve low back strength.  I have been talking about how I am all about the mental training of these workouts, to perform more reps unbroken, trusting the body and to push through.

  Well, thank you mainsite for prescribing this workout!  My feet are back on the ground, my low back is now stronger and I remember how far I have come and wonder how far I can go.

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