Paradiso CrossFit Running – Wall Drills


Back to Wall – Stand with back and feet a few inches out from the wall. Posture is straight and weight is on ball of foot. Pull the right foot off the ground using the hamstring to the Figure 4 posture, and return to BOF.

Any push off with the foot instead of lifting will result in hitting the wall behind. Perform 20 pulls with each foot.

Lean into Wall – Stand with straight posture and stable midline. Shoulders are relaxed and back while holding hips neutral. Extend arms straight out and fall forward into the wall maintaining rigid body. Keep vision straight and don’t look down at the ground.

Run in place, pulling fee off the ground in the Figure 4.

These drills teach how to fall into forward movement, holding the figure 4 posture. As well as how to pull the foot off the ground using the hamstring without pushing off to gain distance.

Common Mistakes – Breaking at the hips (butt back, chest dipped forward), pulling knees too high up, pulling foot too high, letting foot trail out behind out (not under butt).


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