Forward Lunge Drill


Stand in perfect posture on balls of feet with shoulders relaxed and arms at 90 degrees. While holding midline tight, exaggerate pulling one foot off the ground to figure 4 position while falling forward at the ankle. Perform 10 pulls on the right, then 10 pulls on the left wile moving slowly forward. Over emphasis of the pull should be a ‘snap’ and be felt in the hamstring of the active leg. Keep ankle relaxed and do not dorsiflex. As a drill, this is not meant to be performed quickly or to cover much ground.

This drill is for teaching how to keep the ankle relaxed while running, preventing heel striking. Also, to feel the snap of the hamstring generated by the pull off the ground.

Common Mistakes – The hardest thing for most people is to stay relaxed at the ankle. This drill requires a little coordination, slowing down and pulling in place before adding the lean helps.


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