Snatch one rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes.

Chris Spealler 200-180lbs.

Post the highest and lowest loads to comments.


Another big congratulations to everyone that competed this weekend and thank you to all that came out to support us!  Check out the results of the event here and more pics here.  Also, please send over any additional pics and video if you have any, thanks!

After practically every athlete PR’d on their Deadlift by 25-50lbs, the realities of competing and the mental aspects of CrossFit became clear.  I said it many times on Saturday, “If you want to get good at CrossFit, and fast…you have to compete!”  Inevitably, the athletes in the gym will make comments like, “Man…there’s a real mental side to all of this, huh?”  You know it!

In the very first Crossfit video I ever saw, one of the guys makes a comment, “If you’re not nervous before you train, think about it, maybe its not hard enough.”  I did think about it, but it wasn’t until I tried my first couple wods that I understood what he meant.  I’ve also heard the comment that if you are doing Crossfit correctly you should be nervous before EVERY workout.  You know you will be putting it all on the line, searching for your limit, not knowing how hard it will be.

  Listen to how Greg Glassman describes this feeling and commitment:

…I’ve always believed that a good anaerobic athlete could put his hands in his pockets and walk up to a five gallon plastic bucket full of water and stick his head in and drown himself, and not pull out. That’s the kind of willpower that is required to endure anaerobic efforts. We don’t advertise that aspect of our program much, it doesn’t draw a lot of people through the door, but it’s true. If you can thoroughly exhaust these anaerobic pathways with a smile on your face, you are the real deal.

…What we are looking for is to turn men into steel, and that’s done with higher intensity work and is only fun when we stop, and its only fun to the extent we have commodore and support, it’s fun to acknowledge we are improving, it’s fun in the community that it builds in knowing you have done what you’ve done, it’s a very cerebral kind of thing, over time your capacity will increase, your tolerance for the discomfort will increase, it does become better all the while it gets worse and worse because you go harder and harder.

The ante is raised in competition, you are competing for yourself, your gym, the crowd and the glory!  There is surely going to be more talk on the topic this week, but I am looking towards the future and I hope you are all as excited as I am to continue competing and improving by leaps and bounds!

Two upcoming events that I am encouraging all skill levels to sign up for:

Frogman – watch a video of the last one here, registration opens in a week

Central Coast Clash – hosted by CrossFit Ventura, we have participated in this event for the past two years,  spots are limited so register now!

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