Running Drills!

Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads and body weight to comments.

Never done this?!  Check out the progressions in the video library.

Last week was our first week of a seven week program for improving your running. If you did not start on time, thats ok!  Review the post here if you missed it the first time around. An important part of the program are the drills, so don’t skip them!

Another word of advice would be to find a training partner. Since this work is primarily done outside the gym or at a track, find someone to work with!

A partner will keep you accountable and can help by watching your form or videoing you to critique yourself later.


Week 2 Programming

Warm-up (for all WODs):
*1/2 mile easy jog (add jump rope – optional)
*3 sets of 3 running drills (listed below)
*3 sprints less than 100m at 80%, 90%, and 100%. Recover completely and begin the workout.
Ball of Foot Forward Hops – 3 x 10 meters
Back to the Wall Foot Pulls – 3 x 20 each leg
Forward Lunge Foot Pull Drill – 3 x 10 each leg
Interval WOD:
3 Rounds of 800 meter Run, rest 3 minutes
*Keep your times within 5-10 seconds of each other
Tempo/ TT WOD:
15 minutes at 85% pace
*Focus on form and consistent pacing

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