Endurance Post!

Complete 7 rounds:

1 20 yard Shuttle Run

10 Clapping Push Ups

10 Nine Foot Wall Touches

Post times to comments.

For the shuttle run, start in center of a 10 yard marked distance, run 5 yards to one side, turn around and sprint 10 yards back to the other side and then 5 yards back to the center.  Touch the floor at the beginning mark, and each turn around line (3 touches).  Video demo of the 20 yard Shuttle.

For wall touches, pick a point on a wall or structure that is at least 9 feet high, then jump up and touch the point.


New contender for best PCF photo

Running is a skill like all other movements.  The priority should be to focus on form first, then increase intensity and volume.  This idea makes sense for people when they think about lifting and gymnastics, but for some reason, most people throw this idea out the window when it comes to running.  The idea becomes, if you want to run better, you need to run more!

There is a more efficient way to move and it is called POSE running.  The concept is simpe in theory, but hard to master.  We want to use the constant force of gravity to our advantage by maintaining specific positions or poses.  If you have never been introduced to this theory, check out the Pose website.  We have previously made a couple videos in our library that show the basic concepts and drills, as well as some common faults.  We will be releasing new videos over the next couple weeks outlining specific drills to work on with this program.

Below I will outline the basics of the program and the workouts for the first week.  I look forward to developing the CrossFit Running and Endurance program within our community over then next few months and creating a Paradiso CrossFit Endurance Team for those that want to compete in endurance events.  If you are interested or know anyone interested, let them know!  The heart of the CrossFit Endurance program is still CrossFit!

The Outline:
*The first goal should be to CrossFit 4-6 times per week
*The second goal is to have the ability to add 2 sport specific (running) workouts per week, consisiting of interval WODs and tempo or Time Trial days.
*Interval WODs are to be done 3 or more hours before or after a Crossfit WOD for full recovery
*Tempo or Time Trial days should always be performed on a CrossFit rest day.
*Hold intervals within 5-10 sec of each other if done for distance. Hold maximum distance possible if intervals are done for time.
*TT = Time Trial or an All out Effort
*Tempo= Reduced but consistent pace. 100% is all out effort, 85% is a 15% pulled back effort.
*If you do not PR you need to scale back and work on Skill (POSE) & Recovery (stretching, sleep, stress, nutrition, hydration)
*Emphasis is getting a PR in the 5k and 1mile by the end of the 7 weeks.
Warm-up for all WODs:
*1/2 mile easy jog (add jump rope – optional)
*3 sets of 3 running drills
*3 sprints less than 100m at 80%, 90%, and 100%. Recover completely and begin the workout.
Week 1:
Ball of Foot Forward Hops – 3 x 30 meters
Wall Drill Foot Pulls – 3 x 20 each leg
Forward Lunges Foot Pull Drill – 3 x 10 each leg
*New videos for these movements will be released asap, but for now, fast forward to 1:00 for the Hopping Drill and the wall drill at minute 2:00 from our Pose video.  Also, check out the CF Endurance guys with the Lunge Drill.
Interval WOD:
8 Rounds of 200 meter Run, rest 2 minutes
*Remember, this is about pacing!  Keep your times within 5-10 seconds of each other!
Tempo/ TT WOD:
Run 5k
*This will be your baseline, you will repeat this in 7 weeks!

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