Stay Focused

Track night will continue unofficially while Frank is out of town.

  He has graciously programmed the next 7 weeks, but it will be up to you to do the work!

  We will post the workouts, warmups and drills.  More info to come soon!

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

If you performed this workout last week, attempt to maintain your 3 rep max for all 5 rounds.

Post loads to comments.


Frank and some other guy

One of the most often neglected days of our programming is the heavy day or the more traditional strength training.  People tend to associate CrossFit with workouts like yesterdays the “Filthy Fifty” (and it shows in the attendance rate).

  Heavy lifting is as CrossFit as those workouts, and I have said many times, when you lift heavy shit properly, it is as mentally and physically demanding as any heartpounding suckfest wod that you can dream up.  That being said, the time commitment for these workouts is often not as long as a regular wod and many people feel that they can and should do more with their time in the gym on these days. For today, here are a couple options for you:

First, a recommendation from Aimes, after visiting another gym up north, CrossFit Redding.  As a supplemental skill WOD, for all those that want to improve on your squat snatch:

Perform 30 squat snatches in a row, if you miss one or don’t get proper depth, you have to start over.  This is a lot harder than it sounds.  Rest as much as you want, but don’t miss…choose your weight carefully:)


In honor of Frank’s departure, another option is to perform a 5k Time Trial.  For the best results, Frank recommends that you perform your time trials on a rest day (assuming you won’t be breaking any records after 20 minutes of lifting heavy shit).  However, some of you could use a good run no matter what time you do it!  Tomorrow I will go into further detail of how the running program will work.  For today, hit up comments if you are planning on going to the track!

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