Totally random.

For time:

Run 800 meters

30 Muscle-ups

Run 800 meters

Keegan Martin 12:20 (age 17)  Post time to comments.



Arin workin the rings.

I love that we do main site.  This workout was first posted June 12, 2005!  Now, if you’re like me, I always see what was done the previous and subsequent days.  I’m not sure why exactly.  I just like to see how the programming has evolved over time.

 After all, we are test subjects of sorts.  The “powers- at -be” at HQ have been doing this longer (and better, in our humble opinion) than us and they have the data to back it up…

lots and lots of data.  If I were the betting kind, I would bet that tomorrow’s wod would be 800 meter runs and 30 snatches.  Thankfully, I’m not. The fun and challenge of doing the main site is the not knowing.  It’s like Christmas morning at 5:00 everyday!

 Until then, we will have fun playing the guessing game…..

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