Three rounds for time of:

50 Double unders

25 Wall ball “2-fer-1s”, 20 pound ball

Compare to 100802


Eyes on the ball!

This workout is a great test of cardio-respiratory endurance, stamina, speed, coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance.

  If you have never done a Wall ball ‘2-fer-1’, it is a wicked and punishing twist on an already demanding exercise.

Check out this classic video by Zach Pine doing the workout in 7:23  wmv mov


Plenty of us made it to Long Beach this weekend to witness the CrossFit Games Regiionals.  What were some of the highlights?

  Watching Josh Bridges tear up the competition was a sight to behold, as well as watching the last womens heat of Becca Voight and Katie Hogan battle it out.

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