Good Sport

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

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Brycen in Regional Wod 4

It never ceases to amaze me, how tired my shoulders get while paddling out in a good surf.  No matter how many pull ups I can do, the ocean always gets the best of me.

  While I know that I can recover quickly and keep going, the only answer to the problem seems to be more surfing!

I have often discussed how CrossFit makes me better at all of the things that I want to do, but I don’t discuss often enough how these physical activities make me better at CrossFit.  People think about the balance aspect when it comes to surfing, but there’s much more to it than that.  After hours on the board, my shoulders are tired and I can feel my low back from lifting my chest off the board.  Your forearms and finger muscles will be exhausted after a good climbing session, but so is the rest of your body.

  This past weekend, a couple of us went climbing and there were many times that someone was in a position very similar to a pistol and I’m yelling, “Drive through that leg!”  You’re entire body becomes rigid without thinking about it as you slowly try to reach for that next hold or maintain balance on the surfboard.  These are moments of survival, in which you don’t have much time to think, you act.  Without thinking about it, you are building that mind/body connection that will help you at the gym.  You’re building neural pathways!!  You will be trained at holding your low back in extension, squeezing your body tight, and you will gain confidence in your overall athletic abilities!  You will become a better CrossFitter!

Sidenote:  We’ve been looking into an overnight rafting trip on the Kern River sometime near the end of summer!  Comment if you would be interested!

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