Snatch balance 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

Allison Bishop 133-138-153-158-163-168-173lbs. Watch Video wmv/mov

Or check out our video on the snatch balance in the video library!


Good times!  Thanks to everyone that braved the wild this weekend.  We have certainly paved the way for more camping trips in the future!  A special shout out to everyone that gave surfing a try!

  Don’t stop now!  I look forward to surfing with you again in the future!  Check out more pics on Flickr.

On days like today, many of you will be using lighter weights and working on form. These technique days are important and find us strengthening movement patterns and building a strong foundation. Performing the exact number of sets written is not the real goal of the day when working techinque.

All lifters should pay attention to the weight at which technique begins to break down. Lets take a look at the deadlift:

An athlete might be able to deadlift 150lbs with perfect technique but over 200lbs with a rounded back. This does not mean that a rounded back is the ideal lifting position!

There is a weakness in the system that needs to be addressed. Maybe it is hip mobility, a weak lumbar spine, lack of concentration, etc, the point is that lifting 200lbs is not the real goal either. Poor positioning and training of the deadlift will manifest itself in lower met-con times, decreased capacities in the Olympic Lifts and possibly injury.

The CrossFit prescription is to perfect mechanics first. Once there is consistency in the mechanics, then increase intensity and lastly volume. These rules apply to all the CrossFit workouts, both heavy days and met-con days.  The whiteboard glory days will come over time!

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