Where did you get your black belt?

2011 CrossFit Games Regional Workout 3

21-15-9 reps for time of:

315 lb Deadlift

30″ Box Jump

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Don’t forget Beach Volleyball Sunday at 12:30 at Mast Street in Marina del Rey!


Julie, Month 1!

Regional Workout 3 Standards video

For the deadlift:  No Sumo stance, no bent arm bouncing.  You may drop the bar from the top.

For the box jump:  Hips and knees fully open at the top.  No step ups, no jumping from the top even if the hips are fully open in mid-air.  You may take a step before jumping.


Last Saturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with our good friend Traver Boehm to attend a full day Tony Blauer workshop.  For those of you who don’t know, Tony is CrossFit’s resident SME (Subject Matter Expert) on combat and self defense not only for CrossFit but armed forces and soccer moms as well.  Having followed his work for years, Traver and I appreciated and sought his concept because of it’s universal applicability.  Much like CrossFit’s view that the needs of the elderly and the elite differ by degree and not kind (i.e. we all squat and deadlift), Tony’s system builds on survival instincts and reflexes inherent to every human being.

Amid his many stories, one in particular stuck out to me.  One of his first seminars was a lady’s only self defense class.  His first question to them was, if a large, physically imposing, and obviously intimidating man approached you and meant you harm, what would you do?  The ladies, stymied by this scenario, replied that they didn’t know what to do and were slighted that they paid for his seminar for the express purpose of learning exactly that.  His next question was, if you walked into your house and saw this same strange man threatening your child, what would you do?  The ladies, enraged, insulted, spewed forth all kinds of things they would do to him, none of them pretty, without fear, and without hesitation.

Tony remembers it being six minutes from asking the first question to asking the second, and then he asked them, “Where did you get your black belt in six minutes?

  Because six minutes ago you didn’t know what to do.  Now you now EXACTLY what you’d do.”  And harnessing this mindset, and this lesson, was how he started our workshop.

Tony Blauer section of Main Site

Post to comments if you would be interested in hosting one of his seminars here at PCF!

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