Let the Regionals Begin!!

Beach Volleyball this Sunday at 12:30!  We will be at our usual place, near Mast St in Marina del Rey. Friends and family are welcome to join!

2011 CrossFit Games Regional Workout 1

For time:

Run 1000 meters

30 Handstand push-ups

Row 1000 meters

Post time to comments.

For our variations on the Handstand Push-up, check out this video at minute 2:20.  I’ll get a kipping handstand push-up tutorial video together asap!


Below parallel, knees out, elbows up…beautiful!

This is one of the six Regional WODs to be released over the next few weeks.

  We may not be participating for real, but there are still rules to follow!  We will post the rules and standards for these specific workouts, but it is important that you hold standards in all of your workouts.  As trainers, we are here to remind you of the standards, but we are not your counter and we cannot be there for every repetition.  Your standards are YOUR standards!  Going full depth in the squat, touching your chest to the floor on every push up, getting that wall ball over the 10′ mark every time, locking out your arms everytime you go overhead, and actually going through the full range of motion and touching your head in a handstand pushup will make you stronger faster!  Don’t sacrifice the short term glory for long term frustration!  Below are the rules of the game today.  Read them and hold them true.


  • The athlete’s result will be total time to complete this chipper. There is a 15min time cap. If the workout is not finished within the 15min, a 1sec penalty is added to the 15min for each meter and each handstand pushup not completed.

  • Handstand push-ups: Two competition 45lb plates will be placed on the ground next to the wall with an abmat in between. The start and finish positions of each rep are identical, with the hands flat and completely on the plates, the arms locked out, body straight and only the feet touching the wall. The feet must be inside the hands, meaning the width of the feet must be less than the width of the hands. The fingers cannot wrap off the edge of the plate, nor can they descend into the hole of the plate. From the starting position, the arms bend until the head touches the abmat. The athlete presses back up until the start finish position is achieved. The feet do not have to remain on the wall for the movement, though they must be on the wall to complete the rep. The legs can bend together but not one at a time. Kipping is allowed. If the legs are bent, no upward progress can be made while the feet are touching the wall (meaning no climbing up the wall with your legs). If your legs are straight, your feet can slide up the wall.

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