Deuces Wild

Team WOD at 8 am and 10 am classes.

Teams of two.  Come in and see what’s cookin’.


Post WOD recovery.

Diso and I agree that what stood out from Jefferson’s post was this sentence:

“I have to admit, I thought about the challenge endlessly and planned my social life accordingly, much to the dismay of my fiancee.”

In all honesty I should have known better.  Of course it’s what he was thinking about endlessly, planning his social life around, and at tremendous cost to his fiancee.  How many times have I told people that it’s not our methods or diet that elicit abnormal gains, it’s the diligence and rigor of the athlete outside of the gym.  When was the last time you were singularly obsessed about something day and night?  I know most of you were, and I’m truly inspired by your example.

  Diso had several observations about the athletes with the bigger improvements also, but I’ll let him tell that story next time…

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