Make it count.

Two rounds for time:

100 Squats

20 Jerks (155#/105#)

Post time to comments.




Maru in the zone, and Martina in the twilight zone.

I hope everyone read yesterday’s post about warming up the best way for YOU.  I have been asked to share what I do for a warm up, and I will preface this by admitting I suck at it!  I am not a creature of habit when it comes to warming up, and sometimes just downright lazy about it.  But when I do, it will vary day to day and depends a lot on the workout itself.

 Sometimes I can justify not warming up much at all because I have taught two classes beforehand and demoed enough to where I feel warm.  I admit to having done workouts literally cold, like my feet were numb, and I don’t recommend it.  The truth is,  I do better when really, really, sweaty, warm, and the best way for ME to achieve this is heavy back squats. Nothing crazy as I’m not trying to PR or max out, but a few sets of heavy 3’s or 5’s does the trick for me.  I will work in DROM and some stretching in between sets.  Once warm, I will practice movements that pertain to the wod.  If the workout involves lifting something heavy I like going for a longer run like the 1K loop or even a mile.  Then I’ll do some DROM and build up to the working weight,  slowly. I need a little extra time to get to up to those heavy working weights so I do it leisurely.  I don’t like throwing 95 pounds on a bar and having to thruster it right away.  And some days it’s hot, really hot in the box and I am so warm I’m about to fall asleep, so the sooner we can get the workout over with the better.  I will at the very least do some stretching and practice the movements in the workout. Yesterday’s AMRAP had 3 movements and I had 45 minutes to warm up.  I stretched a lot and repeated the sequence of pull ups, swings, and wall balls, starting with an 8 pound ball.  That’s it. Today’s workout is on the shorter side (I hope) and a perfect one to warm up with some heavy squats followed by some stretching/mobility work and then the gradual load up for the jerks.

 At least that’s my plan.  I hope this post reaches you early enough so that you can come in with a plan of your own.

 Fear not, there will still be a warm up on the whiteboard, and if you need help coming up with a plan to address your needs, we’re here for you!

On another note, if you participated in the IWC Challenge, you will be doing “Christine” today!

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