The People!

Three rounds for time:

Deadlift 275/185 lbs, 10 reps

15 Handstand Push ups

Dumbbell Hang Power Clean and Jerk, 40-50/20-35, 20 reps

25 GHD Sit ups



I had a great conversation with Adam ’13’ Condal about the massive influx of names on the whiteboard lately and whether or not we could maintain our sense of community and support as the gym grows.  I responded without hesitation that we absolutely could and would.  His observation was that, although we’re growing, we were in fact holding fast to our spirit and standards.  I flashbacked to a dinner Diso, Martina, and I had with his parents (who are awesome btw) right when we opened the gym in September ’09 and Papa Diso told us in unequivocal terms that there had to be something that set us apart, some motto or set of standards that would be unique unto PCF, and once we found it, we were to hold on to it for our very lives.  I also flashed back to several of Coach Glassmans articles and interviews that outlined some of his core beliefs in this regard, and that I myself have held onto since PCF opened:

What are the three traits that guarantee success as a trainer?  Interview here.

1.  Commitment.

2.  Enthusiasm. 

3.  There isn’t a third.

On affiliate success:

In free markets you cannot go to the money.  The money follows excellence, because it is obvious to everyone, and you therefore have to chase excellence.  Article here

The more affiliates around you, the better.

As the business grows, you must not try to control error by adding systems or rules or protocols, but bring in and attract more high quality people, from the now infamous Netflix Power Point.

But ultimately it was this interview and this lecture where he said it’s not about teaching the perfect clean or snatch.  It’s about teaching it 60 percent and finding the other 40 percent together.  That a good class should feel more like a birthday party than a physics lesson, and what we do is really a relationship business, and relationships mean people.  The rub is, I’ve never considered myself a people person, I lean on Diso heavily for that aspect, thinking that focusing on technique and mechanics by themselves would be enough.  I realize now it was a mistake to think that.  If you’re reading this, it’s about you.  It’s always been you.  Was this what you meant, 13?

Post thought to comments.  Or if you don’t want to, just post a “YEAH!” to comments if you’re going to beach volleyball this Saturday at 1pm.   


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