IWC Challenge Finals, Fight For Air, and the MTRD, phew!!


3 Rounds for time of:

Row 500 meters

12 Bodyweight Deadlifts

21 Box Jumps, 24″ box


Today is the day!  The 8 week long IWC challenge has come to an end!  In order to determine the winners, we need to see how much you have increased your work capacity!

  Post your before and after times to comments!

This weekend was epic!  We participated in the Fight for Air Climb downtown and had a trail run in Malibu the following day!  Congratulations to Martina for placing 9th in the Women’s division at Fight for Air and to Frank for winning the trail run in 45:18!  Thanks to everyone for participating and helping out!  All of these events have only fueled the fire for more activities in the future.

  I’m also excited because I finally had a chance to ride a mountain bike on a single track this weekend!  It definitely won’t be my last time either:)

We are playing volleyball again this Saturday!  Same time and place as usual:  1pm near Mast St in Marina del Rey.  Rumor has it that we might be doing an ocean swim event as well!

63 Stories up!


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