15 Right arm dumbbell thrusters, 50/35 lb

15 Left arm dumbbell thrusters

5 Rope climbs

12 Right arm dumbbell thrusters

12 Left arm dumbbell thrusters

4 Rope climbs

9 Right arm dumbbell thrusters

9 Left arm dumbbell thrusters

3 Rope climbs


CrossFit Games Open 11.5

Complete as many rounds and reps in 20 minutes of:

145 pound Power clean, 5 reps

10 Toes to bar

15 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball


We’re almost done with the CrossFit Games Open!  People have predicted, anticipated, competed, and prayed about all the workouts.

  People wanted some movements and not others, some hated workouts that others thrived on.  I also have friends who take issue with the entire online global format, while others love it’s inclusivity and global participation.  I am with the latter group.  This is the biggest competition I’ve ever participated in, exceeding 10,000 athletes, with 12,000 at the very start.  I love the fact that most of our key members can participate in some way in this competition, garnering monstrous PR’s along the way.  And yes, there are issues with form and judging, yes some great athletes will probably get screwed because of these issues.  Yes the website had problems in the beginning, and yes, the problems will continue well into the Games and probably next years Games.  CrossFit didn’t come into our lives as a perfect entity and it’s a dangerous mistake to expect it to ever be so.

  CrossFit falls forward (like POSE running) and learns as it goes, and we’re the ones who support it or not.

Diso told me he hasn’t observed very many negative comments about the Open format.  I immediately wondered where he’d been observing, because I see them everywhere.  But when I took stock of where I see them, they usually come from people who AREN’T MEMBERS OF THIS GYM, and I laughed to myself, ‘But of course they’re not.

‘  A box’s members are a reflection of the training staff, and I’m so glad for the community of PCF.  If our training staff love or hate any aspect of HQ or CrossFit or life, it usually manifests, on purpose or not, in members of the community.  Thank you PCF.  What are your thoughts on the Open?


Chin and face well over the bar!

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