Knowledge is Power!


Five rounds for max reps of:

Body weight bench press


Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.

I don’t own a television for one reason, its a massive distraction.  Diso…Diso…DISO!  My friends would yell at me while I was watching tv.  I would hear nothing.  Watch out if we’re having a conversation and there’s a TV on in the room, my eyes will invariably wander to the flickerings on the screen.  My apologies in advance; this comes from years of bad habits as a kid.  I’m not sure I will ever completely recover, but I’m trying!

When discussing this decision with someone, they wondered if the internet has filled that time gap and what I do with my time if I don’t watch tv.  The short answer is yes.  My laptop is open most of the time I am at home, but unlike with the television, I have tried to develop good habits.   I use my laptop primarily for writing blogs, editing and uploading videos, reading articles and watching CF videos of course!  The internet is THE reason that CrossFit has been able to thrive and grow the way it has over the past 10 years.  Zeb recently posted on the wonders of the world wide web and CrossFit.  Our success as a community depends upon people taking an interest in their own health and fitness, searching for answers and challenging the status quo.  Over the past week, I have enjoyed the flurry of great articles on health and nutrition that have been emailed and posted.  The internet has given us access to an unprecedented amount of information and the ability to share that information freely.  There is much debate over what we do with our free time, if the internet is making the world a better place, whether facebook is a good or bad thing (a post unto itself:) and how we communicate.  The answers to these questions will be revealed over time, but in the meantime I will do my best to use the power of the internet for good!  I have reposted the recent articles below for your perusal.  Enjoy!

Is Sugar Toxic? from NY Times magazine

How Western Diets are Making the World Sick from NPR

Towards Truly Local Agriculture:  How to start your own garden from

How to Keep Feces Out of your Bloodstream, an excerpt from the Paleolithic Solution, posted on the 4hr Work Week blog


Ryan, Jeff and Traci are my good friends from Chicago, on vacation in Florida this week.  They sent me this in response to our picture a few days ago.  They check the website daily and use the video demos to do some WODs at their local Globo gym.  They have reported that the Shoulder Prep series has made this picture possible!

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