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Team WOD!

For those of you who are new to PCF, it has become an unofficial tradition that when a Main Site rest day falls on a Saturday, the Workout of the Day is a Team Workout.  We will still be hosting the CF Games Open Workout 11.

4 at 11 o’clock.  Otherwise, come in and see what the Team WOD is.


Yeah, something like this . . .

As a follow up to Diso’s post yesterday on the power of the internet, I frequently have discussions and debate with our own Tyler Payne on all kinds of topics, CrossFit usually at the center of them.  Coach’s quote last week hinted at the internets ramifications on current power structures and information flow.

  I may be behind on the online course thing, but Tyler showed me that if you wanted to take an intro Physics course from MIT, a European History course from Yale, or a Behavioral Biology course from Stanford, it’s all available, lectures, notes, and tests, absolutely free online.  Not only was I overcome with excitement at being able to sit in on some world class lectures, but I also wondered, if this stuff is out there, what the hell other kind of good shit is out there too?  I already spend hours a day studying and watching and reading, but where was this going to fit in?

Post some good stuff you use the internet for, to comments (keep it clean people.)

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