For the Glory of the Empire!

Feel free to join us at Santa Monica College Track at 6:30pm for running drills and interval training.  Check yesterdays post for more details!


21-15-9 reps for time of:

Handstand Push-ups

Ring dips

Push ups


Yeah you know who’s writing this post.  Anyway, my old coach Andy Petranek from CrossFit LA used to talk about the horrible feeling you get while workng out at maximum intensity as The Cliff.  He told us that we have to able to go right to the edge of it without actually going over it.  And our ability to dance that line was essential to maximum outputs.  We saw lots of that yesterday.   We had three occurences of people getting the same score:  Tyler and Suvs (23 + 1), Diso and Rico (14 + 1), and Smidty and Sherwin (14)  New rivalries abound!  CRose, Lara, Sondra, and Laura Hansen, also had monstrous outputs by going to the cliff.

But most inspirational of all were the feats of renown by four of our athletes.  Less strength inclined, but not wanting in bravery, Alex Chaise, Frank, and Francis each got one squat clean at 165 lbs.  K-Ron also put it on the line and got a full squat clean and jerk, nailing a full round.  All four of them are registered for our online team, and all four of them (to my knowledge) had never before squat cleaned or jerked these loads.  Which means they overcame their barriers and nailed monstrous PR’s all for the Glory of the Empire!  Congratulations to all.

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