Eating Meat

Eating Meat: A Primer for the Meat-Challenged



??I remember when I first started eating Paleo. I was still on the college diet. Anything that was cheap. Pasta, frozen pizza, peanut butter and jelly… anything from the 99 cent store. The thought of eating a big slab of meat for every meal was exhausting. But once I cut out grains, there really wasn’t much else to eat. My new relationship with meat began. And I must say, this is a relationship that will last forever. I started out cooking simple things, things I knew. Ground meat and some chicken… that was etty much it. Then slowy, meat became something that I craved all the time. Now, I cook all kinds of fish, steak, fliet mignon, ground turkey, pork chops, you name it. 



Here is a helpful article from It’s breaks down reasons why meat is such a good thing and gives you tips on how to make it a regular staple of your diet. For those of you who still have a hard time eating meat, I highly suggest you read this.

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Just a small side-note: When purchasing meat, try to buy grassfed as much as you can.

Aside from the health benefits of not ingesting chemicals and antibiotics, they taste amazing! So juicy and tender. Remember, you eat what the animal eats. 🙂

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