Three Weeks into the IWC Challenge, sign off on comments below!

Five Rounds for time of:

20 Second L-sit hold

20 Knees to Elbows

20 Double Unders

Watch the L-sit variations in our updated Video Library!

After the sectionals wod on Saturday I underwent my first ice bath treatment!  I figured it would be an easy way to go for icing my feet, calves and low back all in one go, besides I always like trying something new.  Afterwards, I did some research on the topic and found that there is actually no consensus in the scientific community on the benefits of an ice bath!

   Interesting, considering the benefits of applying ice to an acute injury are well known and documented.  Also, every single sportsmed and therapy blog I read supported the notion of the ice bath for therapy, most with a disclaimer that it hasn’t been proven yet, but to try and see for yourself.  Anyone want to be a test subject?

  I think we should get to the bottom of this!

Remember to be active in your recovery process!

  Stay off the ibuprofen, get your sleep, increase blood flow through exercise, stretch and roll out or get a massage regularly!

John gettin’ ready!

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