Straight up.


21-15-9 reps of:

225 pound Deadlift

Handstand push-ups

Compare to 11/26/2010



Cheek to deck push-ups?

I was reminded today of an analogy used in crossfit to describe the balance between form and intensity.

You may have heard it, the one about the three sharpshooters?  The first sharpshooter shoots his weapon lightning fast, amazingly fast, enough to wow the best shooters.  Thing is, he rarely hits the target.  Now the second sharpshooter is amazingly accurate, hitting 9 out of 10 bull’s-eyes.  But with his unbelievable accuracy and technique, he shoots way too slow.

 The third shooter shoots well and at a good pace hitting a few bull’s-eyes.

 The majority of his shots hit near the center of the target with just a few off the target.  He shoots quickly and accurately.  So which shooter are you?  I hope you are the most similar to the third one.  We’d like to see everybody practice form for a movement until it becomes second nature.  At this point, push the intensity until the form starts to suffer and stay just below this threshold.  We want you to push hard to the point where you can hold 9 or 10 reps with solid form. Pushing  too hard with little or no regard for mechanics and range of motion are just as ineffective as holding back with perfect form and no intensity.  Find the balance, people.

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