Just our luck

Five rounds for time of:

Run 400 meters

5 Back Squats

Russell Berger 12:17 at 315 lbs.


Suver’s back squat:  Feet firmly planted slightly wider than shoulder width apart, knees tracking over the toes, the bar is low on her back, shoved into her torso by the high and tight elbow and hand placement, holding a big breath to stabilize the midline, AND her thumbs are on the same side as the fingers.  Picture perfect.

Diso, G, and I have rotating days on the blog.  And how coincidental (or lucky) we are that I’ve got the workout with running and, oh look, heavy back squats.

  We all know that the long quote on our whiteboard has Coach Mark Rippetoe offering that nothing can improve the following qualities better than a properly performed full squat: 

  • Central nervous system activity
  • Balance and coordination
  • Skeletal loading and bone density enhancement
  • Muscular stimulation and growth
  • Connective tissue stress and strength
  • Psychological demand and toughness
  • Overall systemic conditioning


I do them because I love them.  There is simply nothing like a heavy bar, loaded square on your back, squatted properly and deeply with for multiple reps, at screaming high heart rates, and at the borders of your physical and psychological limits.

  No matter what ailment or calamity may have befallen you, there truly is nothing the back squat cannot cure.  Injured low back?  PVC pipe and tight stomach.  Job’s got you down?  Start at 95 lbs and move up.  Haven’t workout out in a while?  Three rounds of 10 reps works great.  Hurts the knee?  Take off those running shoes and shove the hip back on the way down.

  I love doing them, analyzing them, teaching them to others, watching the bar path with different people’s hip drives, low reps, high reps, light loads or heavy loads, the back squat is where it’s at. 

Here’s diso with our Back Squat video.  

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