Prerequisite Strength

Practice Front Lever progressions for 20 minutes.

5 Rounds for time:

185 lb Shoulder to Overhead anyhow, 5 reps

10 Burpees



Strength is important, and not just the weightlifting kind.  In CrossFit we teach techniques and mechanics that yield high average power outputs.

  But for the hundreds of kipping pull ups and kipping handstand push ups we do, we would be remiss if we neglected the kind of prerequisite strength it takes to perform strict pull ups or strict handstand push ups.

  The Front Lever is an example of the kind of static hold that develops immense core and lat strength, reinforces midline stabilization, and helps us appreciate the effect different leverages have on our body awareness.  Take your time with the progressions.  It is said once you can hold a certain position for 60 seconds, you are ready to move on to the next.


Kareem (before moustache March)


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