The Net


Run 1 mile

155 lb. Clean and Jerk, 21 reps

Run 800 meters

155 lb. Clean and Jerk, 21 reps

Run 1 mile

Peter Egyed 21:00 minutes


More fun outings to come . . .

I’ve only begun to marvel at the power of the Internet.  I remember when it first came out (yeah, I remember it) my friends were up until 4am on it, and scientists and economists promised that it would change the world.  Knowing only these two things, I wanted nothing to do with it.  But without it Paradiso CrossFit wouldn’t exist, nor would any of the thousands of affiliates out there today, and by extension many of the lives we know have changed for the better would not have been touched.  Tonight I had an engaging conversation with our own Tyler Payne about just what kind of good stuff is out there, but that’s for my next post.

  For now I’ll leave you guys with something Coach Glassman said way back in 2006:

“For twenty-five years my fitness ideas and programming, nearly every bit as effective as they are today, have had little impact beyond the clients I worked with every morning. Their and my efforts to disseminate my concepts seemed as effective as screaming at the wind. Then, a friend sets up in our garage (Lauren said, “I don’t want that ugly thing in the house.”) a noisy, beat-up old 66 MHz kluge of a computer loaded with Red Hat Linux on which we simply placed our workouts every morning.

Five years later, without benefit of any marketing or advertising, we are in various stages of courtship, clinical trial, and adoption with scores of LEO and Mil agencies and most U.S. Special Forces Teams. Our impact on sports training continues to grow unchecked.

We are the 800 pound gorilla on the couch of fitness. We’ve been the target of national and international press coverage and now, in the sincerest form of flattery we find one of our own has developed what is essentially “CrossFit-Lite” to repackage and hype (as exclusive and original no less) for resale to Hollywood! Perfect!

CrossFit, unbeknownst to even most bloggers is a cutting edge, hugely successful, blog. We are a prime example of the amazing power of “distributed journalism” to break up the “information oligarchy” by offering on a daily basis, reliable and intelligent information, genuine community, and in our, perhaps unique case, a common physical experience.

These are exciting times.”

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