Ice is your friend

21-15-9 reps of:

225 pound Deadlift

135 pound Overhead squat

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Joe D.  8:16

There is a wise CrossFit saying, “If you’re not icing it, its not a problem.”  I have written about the benefits and importance of icing previously, here and here.  We know its a pain in the ass to hold an ice pack in place for 20 minutes after the WOD!  The handy velcro strapped ice packs are tough to keep on places like the shoulder.

  We love trying to find a way around those inconvenciences, so we have purchased a couple classic athletic trainers tools:  plastic wrap and baggies!  My hope is that with a little team work, we can get those hard to ice places wrapped up before you leave the gym.

  You can keep it wrapped as you drive home or pack up and before you know it you’ve iced for 20-30 minutes!  We will see how the process goes, I plan on getting some bigger baggies for covering the whole shoulder and some type of metal ice scoop or pick to help crush the ice.

Another useful icing tool that you can use to save time is the dixie cup.  Freeze some water in there and use it to hit the exact spot that you need.  Because you can get direct cold and compression, you can affect change in just 5 minutes!  We plan on having these premade in the freezer as soon as possible as well!



The first attempt pictured above, we went with the more the merrier approach. Check here for the proper way to wrap the shoulder:)


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