No Whammies!

For time:

Row 500 meters

Run 200 meters

50 Double Unders

Run 200 meters

50 Hollow Rocks

Run 200 meters

50 Pistols, alternating legs

Run 200 meters

Below I have listed all of the competitors in our 8 week IWC Challenge.  We intentionally made no “rules” for the nutrition portion of the challenge, but rather, we made the challenge about experimenting and educating yourself about what affects your performance.  In the end, I look forward to sharing what changes led to success for certain individuals and other lessons learned over the course of the challenge.  Nutrition is foundational to our performance and achieving long term health and fitness, but in case thats not enough of a motivational factor, there are a few prizes for the winners as well…

First place- One month membership paid plus $100 cash

Second place – $100 cash

Third place – $10 fee returned plus your choice of a bottle of fish oil or a t-shirt

There will be a male and female winner for each category!  Good Luck to all the competitors!

Alex Josef, Courtneyrose Keller, Lara Erlank, Julie Gargan, Jamie “Badger” Murphy, Liz Newman, Francis Herrero, Amy Ramos, Sondra Jovel, Jefferson Allen, Jamie Gilbert, Jess Legge, Maru, Jamie Thompson, Karen Feiner, Brandon Young, Jan Bu, Dutch, Joe Unger, David Parker, Deniz Firat, Mary Haynes, Caroline Handel, Kyle Van Natta, Raquel G, Kevin Daly, Cherie Nixon, Blaine Zuckerman, Jeff Wilhelm, Layla Steinwald, Laura Hansen, Carrie Seekircher, Thomas Baxter, Blaize Wallace, Alex Chaice, CJ Faust, Francisco Camberos, Vicky Chang, Kareem Hammad, Kevin Lorell, Scott Molluso, Pat Ferris and Loni Weiner

Please note, if you completed the benchmark WOD and do not see your name on the above list, please contact us!



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