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Run 10k

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We have almost 50 people participating in the IWC Challenge!  With the first week behind us and everybody’s baseline times recorded, we will be announcing the prizes this week to keep you motivated!  We have had more and more people discussing their nutrition on the PCF Nutrition Blog, so we would love to hear what you are up to!  I’m curious for those that are signed up in the challenge, how you are planning on optimizing your results?

  Will you be learning about the Zone or Paleo diets? Trying to attend class regularly, sleeping more, or other lifestyle changes.  Sign off on comments below or the nutrition blog.


What else could we have asked for during our two week running intensive!  With the marathon still fresh in the air, aaahh!

  I know this is intimidating for many of you out there, but look at it like any other day in the office.  We regularly accomplish feats that the average individual would think is impossible; 100 pull ups, lifting hundreds of pounds repetetively, this is just another physical challenge that you CAN do!  As I watched the literally tens of thousands of athletes running the marathon yesterday, I revelled in the fact that most of them were working beyond their capacity.  People of all fitness and experience levels came together for something bigger than themselves.  They set their mind to accomplishing something and they were doing it!

Granted there was also the elite level individuals that were accomplishing things that I can’t even begin to understand.  The winner broke the LA marathon record with a time of 2hrs 6min 35secs.  That is an average mile time of 4:49!  Breaking that down even further, he is running a 400 meter pace of 1:12.5!  Mind boggling.  His 10k split time was 30min 40sec as a reference.


Pic taken by Mary at Mile 22 – finished with a time of 5:04:44

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