Quick and dirty.

Seven rounds for time:

10 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

10 Pull-ups

Russel Berger 3:43, Kristan Clever 5:39 (16lb ball)

Compare to 10/23/2010



……more pull ups!

According to my secret satellite intel, Diso is somewhere along the Malibu coast about to embark on his first marathon.  He’s probably wondering what he got himself into and as I heard him say earlier in the day, “I don’t think I have wrapped my head around the magnitude of this.

” Join me in wishing Diso and Martina a safe journey…..

in his time of need, our words may be the only thing that keep him going.

And don’t forget about the potluck tomorrow at 1pm!  Bring something delicious and any questions/concerns you have about the upcoming challenge.

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