For time:

Run 1 mile

100 sit ups

100 back extensions

Run 1 mile


The IWC Challenge is coming up and, despite our posting about it several days in a row, lots of questions are still being advanced, most of them having to do wtih what is or isn’t Paleo, or just what the heck this Zone thing is.  Don’t worry!  This might make more sense later, but the answer to most of these questions are, ‘Choose one and stick with it.’  There are lots of different people with different views on what is or isn’t Paleo:  choose one and stick with it.

  There are several different Zone block charts out there that have between 3 to 6 cups of spinach per block: choose one and stick with it.  Remember that definitions hardly come in flavors right or wrong, they can only be consistent or not.

For our challenge, it seems we’ve chosen the Whole9 Paleo list, and CrossFit Journal Issue 21 block charts. If these don’t jive with your temperments, say it with me, choose one and stick with it.

Between now and the potluck we hope to have answered all your questions.

  If you’re still in quandary, post to comments.


Hollow rocks.

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