Dare ya.

Ten rounds, each for time of:

100 meter Sprint

Rest 90 seconds

Compare to 06/18/2010.

Diso 18/17/18/19/21/20/19/18/18/19 with 50 meter turnaround
Joe D 17/17/20/20/21/20/20/20/20/19 with 50 meter turnaround



I know some of you are going to look at today’s workout and say, “Screw it, I’m sleeping in”, or,  “I’ll just do it later on my own.”  Most of you will skip it because it’s running and you hate/suck at running and this workout just doesn’t sound like “enough” of a workout.

 Those of you who have done this know how brutal sprint repeats actually are.

 Single modality wods are some of the hardest we do (400m walking lunge, 1 rep snatch, anyone?)   Just as maxing out on the deadlift is a test of our strength, and a snatch day tests our strength, speed, power, etc., these days are essential to a well rounded fitness program.

Treat it as you would an olympic lifting day.  Running is every bit as much about skill and technique as a clean and jerk.   Come in and train to suck a little bit less today.  Post times to comments, even if you do it from an exotic, remote location.


(I didn’t photoshop this, swear.)

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