Every minute on the minute, for 20 minutes:

1 Squat Clean

7 Burpees

If you are unable to maintain the minute interval, AMRAP the remaining time.  Post loads, minutes, and rounds/reps to comments.  For example: 225 lbs, 15 minutes + 4 rounds, 2 burpees.


So much of optimizing your Olympic Lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk) involves being committed.  I’m not talking about the kind of commitment that you make when you join CrossFit, but more like the half second before jumping out of a plane for your first skydive kind of commitment.  If you’ve set up for a heavy clean before, you know that pensive hesitation before pulling it off the ground, and what that hesitation costs you in the lift.  From experience both personal and clinical, your best Olympic lifts are the ones you don’t think about and commit to.  The ones where fear and doubt are left behind.  Go for it guys and gals!

Meeting at 80mph


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