21-15-9 reps of:

95 pound Sumo deadlift high pull

95 pound Overhead Squat

Dave Lipson 2:36, Kristan Clever 2:48 (65lbs)


Most of you know my back and shoulder are on the mend, and as such I did this workout with the intention of making every rep perfect.  I didn’t want a single round back on the SDHPs, not a single inactive shoulder on the overhead squats.

  It’s been a while since I worked out this way, and this is in fact the way we recommend training for those still learning the movements, those who know the movements but are lacking in technique, or if you’re rehabilitating an injury.

  If you’re an On-Ramper, or a newly graduated On-Ramper coming to regular classes, focus on exquisitely perfect technique, being consistent with such technique, and only after regular practice, turn up the intensity.  If you’ve been CrossFitting for several months, by all means, go as fast as you can, with as perfect technique as you can muster.  Much debate has been given to this topic.

  Watch the vid below and post thoughts to comments.

Coach Glassman on Perfection in Technique vs Intensity wmv mov


Lots of barbells!

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