Back up!

Back squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Rob Orlando 405-425-445-465-485(2x)

Candice Ruiz 185-205-215-225-235

Post loads to comments.


Years ago I was an avid yoga goer.  At the end of class, the instructor would ask us while we sat silent with eyes closed, to see if we could “take the room” with us as we went about our day.  The intention of class was always set at the beginning and was typically described as a moving meditation where breathing was emphasized to calm the mind as you moved through uncomfortable situations (more or less).

 What I liked was this idea of carryover.  Could practicing calmness and non-reactiveness while also being extremely uncomfortable in a yoga class make a difference in my day to day life?  I think to some degree it did.

 But this isn’t about the benefits of yoga.  I believe crossfit is one of the best examples of integrity in action.  Without sounding preachy, let’s face it, we’ve all cheated and cut corners when nobody is watching.  We’ve all completed tasks not really caring if it was done correctly, we’ve all just gone through the motions to get something done half assed.  The spectrum of cheating, from the BIG lies to the tiny omissions of truth, make up our personal integrity.  I love crossfit for it’s ability to humble and confront us with our weakness on a daily basis.  It’s how we deal with the little problems that integrity is built.  Devil is in the details.  In crossfit, it’s the willingness to call a penalty on yourself when it’s warranted, even if nobody is watching.  Doing an extra pull up, a squat, a wall ball that falls short of the line, it’s an opportunity to practice living our principles.  Building integrity in the gym, like the yoga class, has carryover.  Calling a penalty on yourself means knowing when your actions are wrong and taking steps to correct them.  Counting only the good reps means judging yourself honestly.  Do what is in the highest good, forfeiting what you personally might want.

 Every day is an opportunity to be better. Do better.





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