For time:

Row 1K

40 lb dumbbell snatch, 50 reps

Row 750 meters

40 lb dumbbell snatch, 35 reps

Row 500 meters

40 lb dumbbell snatch, 20 reps

These are one arm squat snatches, alternating arms.

Josh Everett 15:57, Kristan Clever 16:39 (30lb db)


We’re almost done with our 2 week intensive of the CrossFit warm up.  We posted a few days ago the reasons and purpose behind what the ideal warm up should accomplish.  What I left out was the mental prep that goes into the warm up.  I observe as much as possible elite athletes of any sport (especially ours) when they warm up and there is something about their manner and countenance that inarguably separates them from others.  Taking a cue from Greg Amundson again the warm up should serve to prep not only the body but also the mind for vicious, powerful action.  Every repetition of every movement in the warm up is serving the purpose of priming you for battle.

  If you’ve got problems outside the gym, gently let them ease off as you warm up, and start focusing on the here and now.  Observe the more seasoned athletes as they warm up as well.

  Every rep is focused, active, and as near to perfection as possible, and they suffer very little to no conversation for it’s entire length.

  By the time the warm up is done, you should be itching for the WOD.

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The Making of the video

New pull up bar!

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