Happy V Day

Five rounds of:

5 Dumbbell deadlifts

5 Dumbbell hang cleans

5 Dumbbell push presses

5 Dumbbell squats

Increase the load each round. Rest as necessary between rounds.

Josh Everett 50-70-90-90-100lbs. Post loads to comments.

We are beginning our fourth installment of the “Two Week Intensive” tomorrow!  The purpose of the intensives are to focus on skills and drills to help athletes with some of the more complex CrossFit movements.

  We began with the muscle up, followed by the squat snatch and last session was handstands and handstand pushups.  For the next two weeks, we are going back to basics with the Classic Warmup (CFWU)!

Please click here if you need to learn more about the CFWU.

A few thoughts on implementation:

-The movements are fundamental, focus on perfect form.  Scale down to an easier progression if you cannot maintain form.

  The 80/20 rule is only in affect during WODs.

-Advanced athletes can scale movements up.  For example, rope climbs instead of pull ups or handstand pushups instead of dips.

-Don’t worry if you feel like you are going to be too tired for the WOD.  You need to be strong in these movements if you want to destroy the workouts anyway, so work on them now!

-Use the initial warm up time to focus on your running/rowing/jump roping.

  If you don’t have that double under yet; practice it before every DROM and CFWU.  Run 800 meters or Row 1k every day to get the blood pumping and focus on pacing and your split times.

-Remember its a warm up , so use the multiple rounds to your advantage.  For example, if you have tight shoulders, increase the load on the overhead squats each round instead of starting with 45lbs, peform strict pullups in different grips for each round, or work through progressively harder push up styles.

From the Vault:  May 5, 2010

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