Rest day?

12-9-6-3 reps for time:

Chest to bar pull ups

Front squat (135/95#)

Handstand push ups

Post time to comments.


The end of the week marks the conclusion of our 2 week handstand intensive.  By now you should know the ideal orientation of your body while in an inverted position (hollow), you should be armed with several scaling progressions for the handstand push up, and hopefully have an appreciation for the foundational strength required and a means to develop that strength.  Handstand push ups give us an opportunity to develop that foundational overhead strength and you are selling yourself short if you merely reinforce over and over again poor range of motion and crappy mechanics.

 I know that if I found myself in a competitive scenario, I could kip a shit load of hspu that may or may not wreak havoc on my shoulder later, but the goal has been and should be strict, efficient movement able to be performed at high intensity.  I am willing to take a step back, a slower time, no rx’d by my name on the board, for a training opportunity to get stronger, develop a skill, and stay injury free.

 Have fun with this and be thankful I didn’t repost a 5K.

 (This close)




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