The Big Take Away

“Perfect JT”

21-15-9 reps, for FORM of:

Handstand Push-ups

Ring Dips


This is a lot of reps for the arms, so if you need to scale, try 15-12-9.

Thanks to Dusty and Kelly this weekend, we learned a great deal about the wonderful world of gymnastics!

  Two main points that I walked away with as a coach and an athlete:  prerequisite strength and body awareness (aka, keep a tight ass).

The idea of prerequisite strength brings me back to the Classic Warm-up, this is where we can build this base strength to help us with more complex gymnastics elements such as handstand pushups and muscle ups.  Work on having a perfect push up, perfect ring dip, perfect strict pull up, etc.

  These skills will help you on your CrossFit journey, not only in the gymnastic realm, but in your lifting and sporting endeavors as well.

The ‘for Form’ note above is about focusing on your body positioning.  When we are doing a workout for time, we tend to lose form (and thats ok) to get the work done as quick as possible.

  Today, I want you to forget about the time and perform every single repetition as perfectly as possible!


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