Inside the Pathway

For time:

100 Burpee pull ups

Ideally the pull up bar is one foot above your reach.


As I was coaching the heavy snatch balances today people exhibited similar journeys during the five sets of triples.  Although their technique became more sound and efficient with time, I watched as they would land perfectly with the barbell overhead only to miss said perfect attempt for no good reason at all.  I also noticed they were very relaxed with the bar from beginning to end, bereft of aggression or violent intent.  I told them to squeeze the shit out of the bar, tighten the stomach as hard as they could, even flex the feet and turn the entire body into a piece of steel, and go for it.  Then they would make the lift, and stand with it easily, with a weight that crushed them just minutes ago.

Diso wrote a great post about not letting the nerves and fear sabatoge WODs that will last over several minutes.  But on heavy days, where the duration of any given effort is 10 to 20 seconds, and well inside the phosphagen pathway, you have got to give it everything you’ve got, even where it doesn’t make sense mechanically or structurally.  Anyone who has made a lift which almost crushed them a few minutes prior knows this to be true.  Post thoughts to comments.


Starting next Wednesday, February 9th, we will dedicate the Wednesday 6:30 pm evening class to Olympic weightlifting.  It will be run by Chris Mello, an intern with the infamous Coach Burgener, former box owner of CrossFit Sioux Falls, and great friend, who’s passion for Oly lifting, CrossFit, and life are infectious and second to none.  As he and his wife have recently moved here please help us welcome them to our box and the neighborhood!


Chest to floor, chin over bar, anyhow!

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