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Snatch balance 3-3-3-3-3

Kristan Clever 165 lbs.   Post loads to comments.


I have been dealing with some back issues the last couple of weeks and aside from not being able to work out regularly, I haven’t really been able to demo certain movements in class.  I have struggled at times to verbalize what is easier and more natural for me to just do.  Having said that, tomorrow’s workout will have me talking a lot as it is high skill and demands lazer focus.

 If I had to sum up the snatch balance, I would defer to Greg Everett (naturally):


“The snatch balance is the only one of the three balance exercises that will remain useful in any stage of a lifter’s development.  The athlete will start again with the bar racked on the back with a snatch-width grip, but with the feet in the pulling position.

 The lifter initiates his or her movement with a knee bend and extension as in the snatch push press, but instead of driving the bar up to extension, pushes him or herself under the bar, switching the feet into the receiving position, and finishing in the bottom of an overhead squat.

 Most likely the lifter will be easily capable of snatch push pressing any weight he or she is attempting to snatch balance.  That being the case, it’s important the lifter control the drive on the bar lest it suddenly be found overhead before he or she has even made any significant downward movement.  If the bar is caught high because of this, have the lifter ride it down to the bottom of the squat anyway.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.


Cheri. Solid.

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