The Aftermath

For time:

225 pound Deadlift, 21 reps

400 meter Run

225 pound Deadlift, 18 reps

400 meter Run

225 pound Deadlift, 15 reps

400 meter Run

225 pound Deadlift, 12 reps

400 meter Run

Russell Berger 8:31, Heather Bergeron 10:31 (155lbs)



I won’t lie, being a spectator at a CrossFit event is not a glamorous job.  These events last all day long, and sometimes it can be a while between heats that you actually know someone competing.  It can be hot and uncomfortable, and the next day you might sound like a crack whore from all the yelling.  So for all of you that came out to support us and cheer us on, I thank you!!  Buuuut, I must say, all of that is much more tolerable as a participant, and the more people we have participating, the more fun it is for the spectators!  So I hope some of the words from the athletes will inspire you to consider signing up for an event in the future.  I will start with a few thoughts and highlights of my own in no particular order:

-55 pound dumbell thrusters are fucking heavy!  I would have much preferred a heavy barbell, and reminds me to practice with dumbells more often because they suck so bad.  Apparently, my face while performing these movements was something to be remembered.

-I never work out in the morning, and didn’t feel myself during the morning wod.  I have been left wondering if that is something I should do more often or if it just means that I need more warm up time.  The second and third wods felt much better.

-Performance highlights are:  205 Clean and jerk was a 15lb PR and it felt easy, 12 overhead barbell pistols when I couldn’t do a single one six weeks ago, and easily my best moment was figuring out how to rep out the Snatch Balance during the second round of the third wod.

-Scott McGee said during the day, ‘I’m just glad to be able to be here.’  I couldn’t agree more.  After five years of CrossFit, I have survived a dislocated hip, recovered from an injured wrist, shoulder and back and feel healthier and fitter than I have in my entire life.  I am thankful for that.

-I plan on competing again as soon as possible!

Scott McGee’s Thoughts:

-Learned:  don’t have any holes in ability like handstand push ups.

-Believe in yourself.

-Surprises:  Being tied for first with Teasdale going into the final wod.  Pretty cool.

-Personal highlights:  Cleaning 315lbs and being a smart guy by not going for 325.  Awesome to have friends there telling me no! editors note:  that was a 1st place lift and the only guy to lift over 300lbs

-Overall the camaraderie between athletes was the most rewarding.

Garrett Oliver’s Thoughts:

The Challenge was just that.  Everything was new and a challenge.  Right now, every muscle I have is taut and sore; however, it is a great feeling.  I went into this challenge for one reason and that was to learn where I stood amongst other crossfitters.

My arms have always been my weakness and something that needs work, but I never imagined I would be able to do everything I did Saturday and rank as high as I did  I think that all the support and tutelage from Zeb, G, you and even other members have made me stronger in just the short time I have been with Paradiso CrossFit.  I only wish I had more time to contribute to the The Box and our new family.  I look forward to helping Paradiso in any capacity that I can.

Thank you for sharing your vision and positivity with my family and me.

Joe D’s Thoughts:

UTC was an awesome time. It was also a super useful tool to (1) measure where you stack up against crossfitters at other gyms and (2) to diagnose the relative weaknesses in your own game. I was definitely surprised by the high level of talent out there, and it’s a great motivator. My favorite part of the experience though was undoubtedly the support we got from the Paradiso spectator crowd during the WODs and even in the down-time. A special thanks to all you guys who came out for your support!

Cheri Gross’s Thoughts:

When Diso asked what I learned from the UTC Challenge, about a million things came to mind. So how do I sum up a roller coaster kind of day? I think the biggest thing for me was learning how critical, normal and temporary the struggle phase is for learning something new. In the past, I would always get so frustrated and angry about this incredibly uncomfortable phase. The words, “Oh my god, I am NEVER going to get this!” enters my brain and then I usually throw a tantrum with colorful and creative obscenities for about 5 minutes. The other part of what makes this stage difficult for me is allowing others to see me struggle. I get to be vulnerable and all of my insecurities come out. Are they going to think less of me? And finally, am I going to think less of myself? Over the last several weeks, I practiced the skills that I either couldn’t do at all, couldn’t do well, or was frightened of, more consistently than I ever have. Tolerating the fear and frustration was difficult and uncomfortable but I actually progressed past what I thought possible. I realized that the struggle is a normal phase to learning and I don’t resent and dread it anymore. I actually see it as the key stage to progressing out of the old and into something new whether that’s a skill or a frame of mind. It was wonderful to receive so much encouragement and support from so many people. They saw me struggle and I was vulnerable. People were kind. I survived it. It made me stronger and more forgiving of myself. Thank you everyone for such a great day and I look forward to next time!

Smidty’s Thoughts:

My first CrossFit competition and I get a bad case of food poisoning earlier in the week that completely wipes me out and takes me out of commission and out of the gym until Thursday night. Even the light work I did on Thursday felt incredibly draining from lack of energy due to being so sick. So on Saturday I was pretty happy with how I did coming off a really rough week. I had the fastest 500m row in the intermediate class and the 3rd fastest overall. Also I PRed on the C&J with 220#. I think I could have done a lot better on the run at the beginning. I don’t think I was really in the competition mindset yet and did not push it as hard as I should have. I do think I will try a competition again sometime (next time hopefully in full health).


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