Coming back . . .


Ten rounds, each for time of:

115 pound Thruster, 5 reps

10 Pull-ups

100 meter Sprint

Rest 1 minute

Josh Everett 0:35-0:46, Kristan Clever 0:41-0:48 (80lbs)


Some time ago, G wrote an excellent post on knowing when to train and when to rest. 2 days ago (the muscle up/air squat couplet) marked my first WOD back after a 2 month lay off. During the workout every muscle up felt light as a feather and the shoulder didn’t rip out of it’s socket. Every air squat was fast and rhythmical, and my back didn’t spasm out as I was afraid it would.

I loved it. My body, I could tell, missed it terribly. Even the soreness 2 days later, which is significant, is an agony I gladly welcome. Coming back feels great, and it wouldn’t feel this great if I hadn’t done what G recommended. Be smart with your training and reap the benefits!


Our good friend Sean Milar of Valley CrossFit will be the main event of a boxing match in a special fundraising event on Saturday, February 18th.  Flyers and details will be posted in the gym shortly, and each ticket is worth 10 dollars.

  All the proceeds go to the cadet program he and I were a part of, and which changed my life forever.

  But who cares about that, we get to watch them beat the crap out of each other under boxing regulations!

Also, the gym is tentatively closed this Saturday because we’ve got Diso, Garrett, Joe D., Francis, Smidty, Cheri Gross, and Scott McGee competing at the UTC Challenge.  Who’s coming?!


Congratulations to Tyler Payne, who achieved his first (and second, and third, and fourth) muscle up on rings this week!

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