Finding the Passion

Three rounds for time of:

12 Muscle-ups

75 Squats

Kristan Clever 8:48, Kevin Montoya 9:29

I am a huge advocate in training for something, anything, other than how you look.  I can recall many times looking at myself in the mirror in my college days, convincing myself that I had a six pack…just under that skin, if I pulled it down tight enough I could see it!  I had the ability to delude myself that I ‘looked good.’  This was of course not true, which I had to learn the hard way when I actually tried to do something in the real world!  I was skinny, but weak.  This is why bodybuilding is not the same as weightlifting.  What good are big muscles if you can’t use them?  Real world tasks; actually doing something is a whole lot different than what you look like.  In the end, it doesn’t really matter how your physique looks.

  It is only what you can do that matters.

  Chase those numbers on the whiteboard and your physique will follow.  This means trying to be good at those things you suck at, this means dialing in your nutrition, this means studying material on your own time.  And remember, its not because you are obsessed with losing weight or looking good, no!  All you have to want is to improve those numbers on the board.  If you don’t feel competitive, then try an old trick of mine.  Tell everyone you know that you are going to do something crazy, like, lets say, run an ultra marathon in 6 months, even though you have never run a regular marathon.  Make a big deal out of it.  Make sure everyone knows that you are going to do it.  What do you think will happen when you are eating, and sitting around debating about working out that day?  The thought will be on your every move.  You told everyone you were going to do it, so you better get your ass moving!

  I’m told this is ‘The Secret,’ put it out there and watch what comes back.

For those of you that are looking for something crazy to participate in, The CrossFit Games Open begins March 15th!  This will be the qualifier for our affiliate team, so start training if you’re interested!

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