But why???

Three rounds for time of:

275 pound Deadlift, 10 reps

50 Double-unders



What could a classic crossfit workout like today’s have to do with gymnastics?  Isn’t it just a short heavy-ish met con?  Yes if you have the strength and body control to manage the deads and the muscular coordination and accuracy to fly through the double unders.  I’d bet an elite gymnast could crush this wod having never lifted a barbell and yet a take a power lifter and put them through “Angie” or 30 muscle ups for time…….the skill transference doesn’t equate.  But why?  Considering gymnasts are among some of the world’s strongest and best trained athletes, it’s surprising to learn the majority did not get those well defined physiques from lifting weights but are a by-product of the endless body weight exercises inherent to gymnastics.  It’s also no surprise that gymnastics is a major component in crossfit’s theoretical hierarchy  of athletic development.  You wanna get stronger?  Achieve great body control.  We have a great opportunity on February 5 to take our athletic ability to another level.  That day, the one and only Dusty Hyland from Dogtown will be giving a gymnastics seminar and I encourage everyone to register.  We will be working on skills and drills that are geared to helping you develop strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy….

how about a muscle-up………anyone?  So sign up quick before this sells out.



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