For time:

21 L-pull ups

20 One legged squats, alternating legs

18 L-pull ups

16 One legged squats, alternating legs

15 L-pull ups

12 One legged squats, alternating legs

12 L-pull ups

8 One legged squats, alternating legs

Kevin Montoya 9:13,  Kristan Clever 13:21



Came across this gem of a website by Lisbeth Darsh, the Director of Social Media for Crossfit, Inc.  It’s called Crossfit Lisbeth-WOD (Words of the Day).  Here is a sample:

“I don’t touch the barbell with my foot.  I don’t walk over it.  And I don’t drop it unloaded.  Ever.  I place it down.  People think I’m a little OCD about the barbell.

 Maybe I am.  Last night’s class kept dropping the barbell- clanging it to the ground- during “Jackie” and I almost became unglued.

 Yup, it’s just a barbell.  A piece of metal.  It, technically, has no soul.  It’s not flesh and blood and therefore it really is not important in this life.  I know that.

But I also know our behaviors are representative of how we treat the word, how we approach the world, how we embrace the world.  If I want to succeed in this life, then I have to have a successful mindset.  I have to embrace attention to detail and focus on every aspect of my actions.  Only I can control my actions.  Only I can control me.  No one else can.  So, if I drop the unloaded barbell on the ground, what am I saying with my actions?  Am I neglecting attention to detail?  Am I disrespecting the tool I am using to chase success?  Would I drop my mac?  Or throw down my pen?  Bump my truck into a light pole?  Be careless with my money?

Whatever field you work in, success lies in wait for those who pay attention to detail, respect their craft and work really, flippin’, damn hard.  The gym is no different.  Drop an unloaded barbell, toss a kettlebell down, throw a dumbbell to the ground:  You’ve just told me where you’re going in this workout and in this life.

Respect your work in all aspects.  Stop being sloppy.  Pay attention to details and really focus on discipline.

 And prepare for more success than you ever dreamed of…..”



Holding strong!


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