For your consideration….

30 Muscle-ups for time.

Watch Pat Sherwood methodically attack this wod.



First off, today is a main site rest day and for those of you who have followed the last cycle in conjunction with our muscle up skill work, you might consider giving your shoulders a well deserved break.  Having said that, those with muscle ups will be able to test their prowess and endurance on the rings while most will perform any number of the variations we have practiced over the last week and a half.  In any case, be prudent here.

 Remember the foundation for muscle ups are strong pull ups and even stronger ring dips, if you need work here, consider sticking with those elements.  By now, you all should know how to best scale this to fit your needs and abilities.


On another topic, Diso and I were discussing the perils of living life in “strict zone” vs. “strict paleo”.  Now that the holidays are over and we are hopefully settled back into our healthier habits, I wonder, after doing a strict paleo and a strict zone challenge, which one stuck?

 Are you zone or paleo, or a combination of both?



Aims in the seated band assist muscle up.


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